Monday, August 9, 2010

Into Town: Honolulu Adventures.

We live in a town that has one grocery store. There isn't much to choose from when it comes to groceries and places to get the essentials. It takes about an hour to drive into town to get to a mall, Costco, or Wal Mart. This is why we need a car ASAP.   
Our super nice friends Alden and Ashley were so nice to think of us last Thursday. They invited us to go to Honolulu with them to run some errands. 

On the way there we saw this.....
The Black Pearl!
They are totally filming the next Pirates here in Hawaii!
We couldn't get close enough to take very good pictures. 
Too bad we didn't see Johnny Depp. 

There is a really awesome China Town in Honolulu. We couldn't help but stop and walk around. 

This is what we saw there:
Fresh Seafood
Pig Heads...
and other body parts
Live Fish
Dead Fish
Lots of Bananas

And all sorts of fruit
Here's Ashley and Alden :)
We spent the rest of the day running all over town. We went to the mall for a little while so we could eat at this amazing mexican restaurant, then we went shopping at Wal mart, and Costco. We tried to catch the sunset at Waikiki beach.
This is the best picture I could get while driving by in the car. It was pretty awesome though. 


krheasley said...

Christal. You live in Hawaii. (Mm! I love Hawaii!)

That's crazy! But it looks like you guys are having fun. When does school start back up for Daniel?

More importantly, when will you be back in Provo?

Ashley Aikele said...

Yay for adventure! Love all the pictures :)

Brandon Bridge said...

My mouth is seriously watering over all that sea food!! We miss you terribly.