Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Obsession #4.

Kahuku Grill.
This is a small little restaurant close-ish to where we live. All I have to say is YUM YUM YUM. Daniel and I got coconut shrimp, the best we've ever had. We also love Taco Tuesdays, but unfortunately it was a Saturday.
 We went with our friends in celebration of Beau's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Beau!
Afterwards, we played games and ate delicious ice cream cake made by Candace. :)


Ashley Maddox said...

oh my gosh! my really good friends own this! the hannemanns. seek is my age, and i just went to his wedding! the family works there, tell them you know me! p.s. im comming there in Dec. i gotta see you!

Arrington's said...

what fun looking couple friends. You guys kind of look like you live in a fantasy world...I'm jealous