Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just a few reasons why I love Hawaii.

1. It's Hawaii. Need I explain more?
2. People really do wear Hawaiian shirts here, not just tourists. They're everywhere. 
3. I can go to the beach anytime I want.
4. Shaved ice is definitely popular here. You haven't tried a real shaved ice unless you get one with ice cream on the bottom, sweetened condensed milk drizzled over the top, then topped with whipped cream. Heavenly. 
5. Roaming wild chickens are a very common sight. Beware, if you have food they may attack you. I've seen this happen.  
6. I never have to put on lotion, use chap stick, or condition my hair.  
7. The local people greet each other by saying, "How's it?"
8. There are people from all over the world who live here, which adds such a variety of cultures to our community. It is one of the things that I love most about being here!  
9. Food. Food. Food. Everything tastes good. I love trying new things. 
10. We live 3 minutes (walking distance) from the temple. How lucky is that?
11. Everyone here has tattoos. Ok, maybe not everyone, but seriously, soooo many people do. I've never seen so many people with tattoos in my life. (I've recently started watching LA Ink. I think about that show every time I see someone with a tattoo).  
12. I will NOT miss the snow. I will be perfectly content if I never see snow again. Is Hawaii the perfect place for me? Yes. Absolutely. 
13. Everyone here is laid back. Really really laid back. You wouldn't understand unless you've experienced it.
14. People walk around in stores without their shoes and/or shirt ALL the time, and it's perfectly fine.
15. Jack Johnson lives somewhere near here. I don't know where, I just know he's close. I will find him someday.
16. Having a sun kissed glow to your skin all year round is pretty awesome.
17. I get to wear flip flops all the time, which is great because I don't really like wearing real shoes anyway.
18. Hawaii is the perfect place for taking photographs, which is great for obsessive picture takers like myself.   
19. The people here are so warm and friendly. 
20. I want to learn how to hula dance and play the ukulele.  
21. I am never cold here. The only time I am cold is when I am at work and the air conditioning is blowing full blast. 
22. I feel like our life is a permanent vacation. Does yours feel that way? I didn't think so. ;)


Jake & Beth said... have just made me entirely too jealous to go outside in this chilly fall weather and get the grocery shopping kids are starving, hope you feel good about that. I'm booking my flight.

danielandjamietervort said...

ha you are so mean!!!!!! stop rubbing it in!