Saturday, October 16, 2010


Beware of the Laie Lady. She lives in the Haunted Lagoon. She is in search for her killer and her missing children. Nothing will stand in her way. If you happen to see her, just remember... DON'T LET HER SEE YOU.

We went on a frightening canoe ride 
through the Haunted Lagoon. It was the perfect way to start off the October holidays. 
I must admit that it's a little weird not seeing the leaves change color and not feeling a change in temperature. It confuses me. Sometimes I forget that it's fall time.  
Aaaaaaaaah! We were so scared.
She spotted us in the canoe. Very quickly, she made her way towards us. She jumped into the water, snuck up behind the canoe, then tried to grab and pull us all under! Luckily we got away, but we soon found out that she wasn't alone. She had many spooky friends hiding in the Lagoon with her! 

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Ashley Aikele said...

hahaha. I look extra spooky because I have a blue tongue... and Lisa, I think you were confused at what we were doing haha. this is great. good times.