Friday, November 26, 2010

A Day of Giving Thanks.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It is a wonderful time of year to remember all that we are grateful for. Daniel is crazy for Thanksgiving. He insisted that we ate food that reminded him of home, so he decided to make very specific recipes for the turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed carrots, and pumpkin pie... all by himself. He didn't want me to help so I didn't cook a single thing. Some of our good friends came over and everyone brought tons of delicious food. It was a huge success. We had quite the feast. 

(Amazing pictures taken by Megumi. Edited by me).
I took charge of table settings. Megumi helped me make the cute napkin holders. 
I am grateful for good friends to spend the holidays with, especially when our families are so far away. 


Sara said...

Yes, the pictures are amazing! What a great holiday. Ours was a little unconventional. There was no turkey to speak of but we were thankful all the same.
Great post!

kassidi bridge said...

beautiful pictures, looks like the pumpkin pie turned out awesome! nice job daniel!

Megumi said...

I am so grateful we were able to spend Thanksgiving together! Everything turned out so fabulous and the food was amazing, to say the least!!! Thanks for being our friends :D

Ashley Aikele said...

This looks so cute and fun! Nice work. We missed all you guys and hope you had a happy happy holiday :)

Stephanie said...

FUN!! You are so creative :) I'm glad you guys are enjoying Hawaii.