Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Margaret.

I am so in love with this sewing machine, not only because it is the most adorable thing ever, but because it sews amazingly. I have been wanting a sewing machine for years, and I am ecstatic that I finally have one. This was a gift given to me by my lovely mother-in-law. Isn't she the best? Also, many thanks to my lovely father-in-law for hauling this gazillion pound thing all the way here from Montana. Margaret and I are going to be great friends. Can't wait to start working on my little projects. 


Daniel Bridge said...

I think Marge is a great name for this new gadget

kassidi bridge said...

i was thinking more along the lines of margaretta

Jake & Beth said...

She is a beaut! I can't wait to see awesome projects come out of this budding relationship.