Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reunited at last.

Well, it's been a long three and a half weeks.  It's nice to finally have a husband again!  Yesterday we went on quite the extravagant date.  Let me tell you about it... 
We spent our time in downtown SLC and we went to dinner at a local Thai place that we love.  It had been over a year since our last visit, and the owner still remembered us!  I was impressed.  His name is Woot and he is THE coolest.  We spoke Thai to each other, even though I could only say a few words here and there.   
For DESSERT we got some Belgium waffles.  Let me warn you...these aren't just any waffles, these are the BEST WAFFLES I'VE EVER HAD.  Their Frites were amazing too.  If you are ever in the Salt Lake area I highly highly highly recommend this place!  I'm drooling now just thinking about it.
After that, we took a very short walk around Pioneer Park, until we got scared and left. 
Did you notice my new hair?  It's a lot darker and shorter if you couldn't tell.  
We spent the night at the Radisson Hotel.  I loved sleeping in a giant king sized bed for a change.  (I don't really miss our tiny  double bed back in Hawaii).  We even got a Sleep Number mattress, you know...the ones where you can change the firmness or softness of the mattress.  I had to try it out by jumping on it.  I made one side really firm and the other side really soft.  The soft side was definitely a lot more bouncy.
When Daniel tried jumping on the bed he just bonked his head on the ceiling and fell down.
The End. 

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