Thursday, September 15, 2011

Newspaper Nails.

I had a nail party with some of my girly friends the other night. I learned how to do newspaper nails, which seems to be the new trend these days?  Well here was my attempt at them.  Pretty cool don't ya think? 
Here's the rundown on how it's done:
Paint your nails (the lighter the better).
Let them dry completely.
Dip your finger into a small cup of rubbing alcohol.
Place a small piece of newspaper on top of your nail.
Hold down and rub, but make sure the newspaper doesn't move.
Gently peel off.
It's kind of like putting on a temporary tattoo.
That's it!


Jessie said...

i have been doing this with my nails its pretty neat! i usually do it with cream color but i like that teal color!

Brian & Lisa said...

ohhh that is so cool!!

Stephanie said...

Um, that's amazing!! I'm totally going to try that. :) Thanks for sharing. P.S. Hope you're doing well living your awesome Hawaii life. ;) xo

Christal said...

Thank you all!
Steph-Life in Hawaii is great! Hope you guys are doing well! :)