Sunday, May 6, 2012

Desert Hiking.

Just a few things:
1.  Daniel and I hadn't seen snow in quite some time (since before we lived in Hawaii).  The first time we see snow is in New Mexico in May.  Who would have thought!
2.  This hike had a lot more plants and greenery than expected, considering how dry and desert-y it is here.
3.  My brother-in-law has an awesome beard.
4.  Push up pops and hiking make a great combo.  Especially the blue raspberry flavor that turns your mouth completely blue.  The kids (and Daniel) went crazy for them.
5.  Hiking with a two year old is extremely ideal.  The stop and go pace gave me a lot of opportunities to stop and take pictures of all the beauty, and I didn't feel guilty for slowing down the group.


kassidi bridge said...

yay, let's do it again tomorrow.

Unknown said...

that beard is awesome. holy cow. beautiful scenery too of course.