Monday, June 4, 2012

Hawaii Reunion in Utah.

We had a little Hawaii reunion this past weekend!  Our good friends Brian, Lisa, and their adorable two-month old baby, Kohana, drove all the way here from Oregon.  Brian and Lisa were one of our very first friends in Hawaii.  It's been about a year since we last saw them.  Courtney and Garrett were our next door neighbors in Hawaii and now they live here in Utah (how convenient!)  We hang out with them every time we are in town.  It was so fun getting part of the old gang back together and catching up on old times.  (We missed you Candace, Beau, Ashley, Alden, Chad, & Megumi!).
Our weekend went a little something like this:
Campfire up Millcreek Canyon, tin foil dinners, and s'mores...
The next day we had a picnic at the park, but we had the hardest time deciding what we wanted to eat.  Finally we narrowed it down to either Panda Express or Chick-Fil-A.  It was too hard for us to choose between the two, so we just got both!  It's the perfect combo if you ask me!


Megumi said...

Aw! so jealous!! It looks like you guys had an awesome weekend. We miss all of you here so much! Oh, and Chick Fil A and Panda are a perfect combo! ;) love you and miss you all!!

Ashley Aikele said...

You girls are gorgeous! And the boys look like goofs, as usual. I really wish we could have made it. Looks like so much fun! Party in California next time :)