Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Anniversary Celebration.

We had a great day yesterday.  Daniel came home and surprised with a beautiful bouquet of roses.  He took me out to dinner to PAPPY'S SMOKEHOUSE.  It was the most delicious bbq we've ever had!  We had been dying to try Pappy's Smokehouse ever since we saw it on MAN V. FOOD.  This place is really as good as they make it look on TV.  You should watch the clip, it'll  make your mouth water.  I ordered their pulled pork along with the best sweet potato fries and deep fried corn on the cob.  Have you ever had deep fried corn on the cob?  It's definitely something that everyone should experience.  Daniel ordered their beef brisket and he's still talking about it.  One of the things we love most about living in a new city is discovering new and delicious places to eat.  I'm so glad I married someone who loves food as much as I do.

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danielandjamietervort said...

yay! happy anniversary. That food looks delicious! I like the pic of your roses too. That's so crazy it's been 3 years!