Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Washington DC.

A few weeks ago Daniel and I spontaneously decided to take a road trip to DC.  And when I say spontaneously, I mean...we didn't really know we were for sure going until a few days before we left.  I wouldn't really recommend taking a 13+ hour road trip while you're eight months pregnant, but it was well worth it!  Throughout the entire trip I was constantly worrying about my water breaking unexpectedly or going into labor while being nowhere near a hospital.  I told Daniel that he better be ready to deliver his baby on the side of the road.  These things happen you know!  I've heard of women giving birth in their car, so of course this might happen to me!  Luckily we had a fun and safe trip and baby didn't come early.
We had a great time visiting Daniel's little brother (who I hadn't seen in like 3 years!) and some of his cousins while we were there.  They are currently living in Virginia selling pest control.  We also got to meet up with some good friends who also happened to be in DC at the same time.
Washington DC had always been on my list of places to see.  It was so exciting seeing all of the major monuments and buildings that I had only seen in pictures and movies.  We only spent two short days in the city so we tried to cram as much sight seeing in as possible.   
We ate at this delicious restaurant in China Town called Ming's.  ^^^  They had the tastiest spring rolls.
^^^ The Holocaust museum was one of the highlights from our trip.  We even got to ride in the elevator with some World War II veterans.  
^^^ And to top it all off, we ended our last night in the city by eating the most delicious Maryland blue crabs, freshly cooked and seasoned to perfection.


Corina said...

We want to go to Washington D.C. next spring. Your pictures are fantastic and are getting me excited! I'm glad you didn't go into labor on the road. I was worried about that too and made Jordan read this little section in one of my pregnancy books about car deliveries. Haha.

kassidi bridge said...

Very fun! Now where are the pictures of the cute preggo lady?

Brooke and Jared said...

Great pictures! Makes me miss DC. yes, i agree with Kassisdi...more pictures :)

Pierina said...

umm excuse me, where is a picture of you in the wheelchair?!?!? ;)

Lizzie Ann said...

Looks like so much fun!! Now I want to plan a trip to DC!