Sunday, August 22, 2010

Obsession #2.

Officially our new favorite candy. 
This candy is originally from Japan and can only be found at certain grocery stores. You can always find them at the Asian market though. The texture of this  candy is indescribable, but that is what makes it so good!  
Ten packs of Hi-Chews gone in less than a week. 
Thank you Costco.
 The best flavor = Green Apple. 
Friends and Family who are thinking about coming to visit us in Hawaii-
We promise to provide an endless supply of Hi-Chews when you come. 


Sara said...

I'll be honest, they look just like starburst to me...or maybe laffy taffy. Are they really that different?

krheasley said...


Tyler loves these. We just discovered them this summer, and I think he regretted that we didn't buy more while we had the chance.

Christal said...

Sara, yes they are way better than starbursts or laffy taffy. They are more like Mambas...but not really. You will just have to try them. You should try to find them in Korea. Maybe they have them there. :)
And Karen....You and Tyler should buy some more Hi-Chews at the Asian Market in Provo. It's right by our old apartment, pretty much walking distance. It is on the same street as Allen's grocery store!

Megumi said...

I LOVE Hi-Chews!!!! They are so good :D Although, there are SO many more flavors in Japan that you need to try! theyre all pretty delicious

Brandon Bridge said...

My mouth is watering. You can seriously buy them at Costco there?? NOT FAIR! So glad we skyped the other's so nice having the internet again. MISS YOU GUYS!