Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bug Spray is an Amazing Thing.

For months, Daniel had been begging me to go hiking with him.  Finally, we went on hike to PCC Falls, which was actually more like half of a hike.  We didn't exactly make it to the waterfall.  (Sorry honey...)  Unfortunately, Megumi and I were attacked by killer mosquitoes that ate us alive.  Daniel didn't get a single bite, how is that fair?  Anyway, I don't know if you've ever experienced having hundreds of mosquito bites all over your body, but it itched like HECK!  I honestly wanted to rip my hair out.  We couldn't take it any longer so we decided to hike back.  On the way back we ran into some nice girls who let us use their bug spray.  It was a miracle!  I never knew that bug spray worked so well!  The hike back was MUCH better.  
We took turns carrying Noa.  Daniel and I will be such good parents someday. ;)


Allison said...

Christal you take the prettiest pictures! I'm sure it helps that you are living in the prettiest place on earth. Have I told you yet how jealous of you I am? Well, it's true. I am :)

Megumi said...

Hey I just posted my hiking pictures/adventure story ;) It was so fun, despite the mosquito-attack...Thanks for letting me and Noa tag along!!

PS awesome pics :D

Jacob said...

wow these are such beautiful pics!!! i am seriously so jealous! looks like you are living the dream! i wish we could come visit! miss and love you guys!

Abe said...

Remember that time you and the girls came up and visited me up in idaho and there we got attacked by mosquitoes when we went canoeing?! ha ha good times