Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today I am grateful for so many things.  
I am grateful for my family.  They love and support me unconditionally.  
I am grateful for friends, especially here in Hawaii when we don't get to be with our families.  It makes the holidays much better.  
I am grateful for warmth and sunlight.  Imagine a world without it.  
I am grateful for art and creativity.  We have the freedom to create and express ourselves in so many ways.  
I am grateful for the gospel and the happiness it brings.  
And finally, I am grateful for my husband.  I would be nothing without him, literally.  
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Friends & family far away, we'll be thinking of you!


kassidi bridge said...

Missing you guys big time today! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we love you!

Christal said...

We miss you guys too, Kass! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving as well! Wish we could be together for the holidays.