Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This used to be me.

I spent about eight or more years of my life dancing. 
I loved it. 
It was my dream.
I stopped dancing five years ago. 
I don't know why exactly.
Lately, I've been missing it a lot.
It's probably because I watched this video.

What's something that you miss doing?


colleen said...

Wondering if you could somehow fit that back into your life . . . perhaps solo ?

danielandjamietervort said...

playing with you :(

Jake & Beth said...

I'm sure I knew that you danced somewhere back in the recesses of my brain, but now that you say it, of course you danced. You look like you would be a simply lovely dancer and you must take it up again or I shall not sleep soundly. As for me, I miss living in Hawaii...oh wait, that never happened. Miss you!