Monday, May 28, 2012

My Beauty Basics.

1.  PURMINERALS BLUSH  This blush gives your cheeks the perfect looking rosiness.  The marbled effect of this blush gives your cheeks a natural looking glow and doesn't go on too dark or harsh.  I love it!
2.  NARS EYESHADOW DUO: BROUSSE  (Thanks Kass!)  This is the best eyeshadow I have ever had!  It goes on smoothly and blends amazingly.  I love the brown and dark violet colors, which really compliment my eye color.
3.  ELF EYELID PRIMER  I have recently discovered how amazing eyelid primer is.  It makes a huge difference!  It helps your eyeshadow go on smoother and allows your eyeshadow to last longer throughout the day.  This ELF eyelid primer is only one dollar.  You can't go wrong with a price like that!
4.  CLINQUE DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT MOISTURIZING LOTION  I've used this lotion for years and I've never found anything better.  It leaves your face perfectly moisturized (not at all greasy).  It's a bit more pricey than regular drugstore moisturizers, but you won't regret spending a little extra!
5.  MAYBELLINE DEFINE-A-LASH, WATERPROOF  I don't know about you, but I've spent years finding the perfect mascara.  I've gone through countless tubes of mascara and have been disappointed many times.  Strangely enough, I finally found TWO mascaras that I like, but I only like them when I use them both together.  Define-A-Lash is great for lengthening your lashes!  I use this one first.
6.  MAYBELLINE VOLUM' EXPRESS FALSIES, WATERPROOF  I use this one after the Define-A-Lash mascara is applied and has dried.  I like this Falsies mascara because it adds thickness and volume to my lashes.  I have "barely there" lashes so I need all the help I can get!
7.  TWEEZERMAN TWEEZERS  These are the best tweezers!  They grab every hair every time.  I never thought that there was a big difference in tweezer brands.  How different could tweezers be anyway?  But there is a difference!  Trust me, Tweezerman is a great investment.
8.  CREST WHITE STRIPS  This is a quick and easy way to keep your smile glowing.  I use these once every few months.  You can notice a difference after just once use!
9.  GOODY SPIN PINS  These pins are so handy!  Just two of these spin pins does the job of twelve (or something like that) bobby pins.  You just twist one pin through the top of your bun and one from the bottom.  And Voila!  Your bun will stay in tight and secure.
10.  MAC EYESHADOW: JEST  This is a really great eyeshadow highlighter.  I use this on my underbrows and inner corners of my eyes.  I love the light shimmer it gives off.  It's the perfect finishing look to your eye makeup.
11.  AVON: POPPY LOVE  Lipstick is a fun accessory to add some color to your look.  Recently I've been into the tangy, orangey red color.  This lipstick color is just that!  It's a great color for summertime.


Manda said...

Ah I love spin pins! I just tried them like a month ago. They are magic, I swear. Even on my fatty long hair they hold up the bun! And Maybelline mascaras are my favorite too!

Christal said...

I know! I love spin pins! I miss our nail parties. I think you should start a nail blog!