Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lonestar Taqueria.

If you are ever in Cottonwood Heights City, Utah then you must stop by LONESTAR TAQUERIA.  This is one of our favorite places for delicious and authentic Mexican food.  It's just down the street from my parent's house!  My parents and I just took Daniel here so he could experience it for the first time.  He fell in love with their carne asada and fish tacos.  Those are my favorites too.  They also have burritos that are really delicious and happen to be the size of your forearm.  I love that they have huge serving sizes so you never leave hungry.  I'm warning you...this place is really good, which means you'll probably have to fight through a crowd.  Every time I've been here the line has been out the door, but the line goes fast and it's totally worth the wait!      

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